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Fleet Management Solution from SoftPro

While transportation function is the major component of logistics operation,Fleet Management is the core function within transportation component. Managing fleet car rental fleet, bus services fleet and truck services fleet for carrying goods is very crucial for operational excellence in managing customer service delivery.

Fleet management solution enables people to accomplish a series of specific tasks in managing few or all aspects of fleet management. These specific tasks encompass all operations from vehicle acquisition to disposal. The fleet management solution, depending on its capabilities, enables automation of driver/vehicle profiling, trip profiling, dispatch, vehicle efficiency, maintenance & repair and inventory management among others. The timely replacement of vehicles and other equipments requires a predictive system that maintains asset information relating to asset lifecycles such as costing information, utilization, and asset age.

SoftPro offers application development services for logistics customers. It has built a comprehensive car-rental that can also be tailor-made for any type of fleet management. It can also help logistics customers to build eBusiness portals for vehicle booking and tracking. In addition to offering application development services, it also offers application maintenance services covering software support services for maintaining customers existing applications and also enhancing them by adding new functionalities

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