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Application Development and Management

SoftPro provides a range of services to enable a customer to focus on business and the changing business scenario. Using a combination of onsite, offsite and offshore, SoftPro can deliver substantial savings to its clients,thereby, releasing the limited IT budgets for meeting the challenges of the changing face of the business.

Application Development

SoftPro follows a well-defined software development life cycle using a modified version based on Rational Unified process and IEEE standards to meet the dynamics of remote development and management. Based on the scope of the project, and the project specifications SoftPro will adapt a version of the below high level process to meet the customers expectations. SoftPro has executed large projects, using the agile development process, where the requirements are still evolving, and the team is an integral extension of the client's team.

Application Management

With many companies IT budgets being consumed by application management,companies rarely have enough budgets to implement new requirements or technologies to meet the growing demands of the end-users. Also, it is not uncommon for companies to have a large backlog of maintenance requests. SoftPro works with its customers in reducing its application management budgets using the global delivery model, and thereby reducing the costs. Companies can utilize the additional budget in two of the alternate ways: either in reducing the backlog of maintenance requests by increasing the maintenance team, or take up new IT initiative like SOA etc.


As applications reach their end-of the life-cycle, applications tend to have performance issues, and lack of documentation and maintainability becomes a question. One of the most common ways of extending the life of the application is re-engineering, giving a fresh lease of life. SoftPro's re-engineering team will ensure that the application will have structured coding with proper documentation, and at the same time can implement change requests without lacking the original functionality.

Conversion and Migration

With rapidly changing technologies, and with the advent of Service Oriented Architecture, companies need to migrate or convert their existing applications to meet the new business scenarios. SoftPro's conversion and migration team, can migrate your applications across platforms, across languages, across versions and across architectures to enable the customers meet their business challenges. SoftPro migrates legacy applications for web-enabling or enable them for SOA.

Application Integration


The main purpose of developing this system is to Integrate and make the communication between applications for:

    • extracting data from multiple source systems like oracle DB, Excel sheet, CSV File , Flat file etc.,
    • Applying business rules on the extracted data for cleansing and standardizing
    • Applying business logic for any transformations that needs to be done on the data
    • Loading the data into a destination database system
    • Using the destination database for business analytics
    • Generating reports based on the users ad-hoc queries

Source Systems

These can be any data source like an Excel sheet, CSV or any delimited flat file, an oracle database or any other ERP application like SAP, Baan Tools etc.,


The communicator module acts as a common gateway for the entire system for accessing different database systems, this will be a plug-in based module that can be easily extended to include additional systems based on the requirement, this module also provides a level of abstraction to the lower modules regarding how to access the data from the source systems

Data Extraction Tool

This module will communicate with the source systems through the communicator module and fetch the required data, creates a Database in a temporary staging database and dump the fetched data into it.

Staging DB

Staging DB is a temporary database that will be used as a source by the lower level modules, so that they need not directly interact with the source systems for data, this will ensure both data integrity and performance.

BI Module

The BI Module is the most important module.
The main responsibilities of the BI Module are

    • Data Validation sub module - Standardizing data based on the business rules specified
    • Data Transformations sub module - Applying business logic and transformations on the data.
    • Error Handler - Error Handling
      Destination DB

      Destination db is the final database that contains the processed data.

      Business Analytics Module

      The business analytics module will be a customized module that will analyze the data based on the requirements and can be used to generate reports using Ad-hoc queries; this module will have two sub models Data Mining and Report generation.

      Presentation Layer

      The reports can be generated using business analytics module based on the requirements.

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