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SoftPro's custom content creation services have helped organizations across the world deliver powerful learning solutions that are engaging and business-centric. With a proven track record of almost one decade spanning numerous industry verticals, we have successfully delivered solutions to match the specific needs of our clients, ranging from large global conglomerates to small and medium-sized enterprises. Our cross platform expertise adds to our ability of delivering the right blend of solutions on time and within budget.

Besides offering end-to-end solutions, we also cater to specific content needs of organizations through development of WBTs, CBTs, ILTs, Blended learning, Assessments, Manuals, and Webinars.

Web Based Training

You can leverage our expertise in developing engaging and instructionally sound WBTs to deliver Elearning solutions with business value. We have developed over 5000 hours of world-class learning material - both for in-house use as well as for our clients. Our WBTs include interactive multimedia instructional content, reinforcements, games, quizzes, simulations, and much more.

Computer Based Training

While developing CBTs, SoftPro focuses on engaging learners in a truly stimulating learning experience. Our CBTs offer engaging instructional content, supported by high quality video and audio, to learners without the constraints of bandwidth. In the development of CBTs, we always investigate the possibility of using high-fidelity simulations to provide the learner with opportunities to apply the learning to real life situations.

Our WBT and CBT development activities comprise:

  • Beginning to end (Full DLC): Where the entire gamut of instructional designing, multimedia development, programming, done by SoftPro
  • Collaborative Development:
    • Instructional Design / Content Creation by the client and rest of the development by SoftPro
    • Only Graphics and Multimedia development by SoftPro
    • Only Programming and Construction by SoftPro
    • Only Instructional Design by SoftPro


Our Instructor Led online Training programs combine the benefits of online learning with tutor led trainings. In spite of being led by an instructor, our ILTs offer the latest content using cutting edge technologies. Additional reference material and support is always at hand, both online and otherwise. SoftPro's ILTs are the product of careful thought and analysis by Subject Matter Experts and Instructional Designers who ensure that accurate subject matter is presented to learners in a simple and effective manner.


Integration of an effective assessment strategy is critically important to evaluate the progress of the learner. To empower you with a holistic learning strategy, SoftPro can develop question banks, typically focused to assess the achievement of the learning objectives. Additionally, we also provide question banks for students preparing for various certification exams.An effective assessment plan covers:

  • Objectives
  • Learning outcomes
  • Performance criteria
  • Implementation strategies
  • Evaluation methods
  • Timeline
  • Feedback

Advantage SoftPro

We can help you align your learning initiatives with your business strategy that will result in the following benefits:

  • Increase your market share with the help of compelling content
  • Increase workforce productivity through alignment of skills with business strategy
  • Develop mobile learning content for in-field workforce
  • Address diverse audience needs through multiple forms of training interventions with robust assessment strategies
  • Increase speed-to-market from near-simultaneous processing of GILT-related requirements
  • Empower human capabilities through rich, interactive, and engaging content

Some of the prominent features of our content development services are:

  • Learning initiatives designed to align with organizational imperatives
  • Compliance to industry standards like SCORM
  • Seamless integration with all leading LMSs
  • Enhanced usability through a Learning Objects philosophy
  • Learning on-the-go
  • GILT service integration

SoftPro's content re-purposing service enables organizations of all sizes to successfully leverage their intellectual capital by bringing it to the easy access of diverse audiences in multiple learning contexts and environments.

By utilizing our expertise in building granular learning repositories, you can enhance your content value manifold - through flexibility of deployment, interoperability, and efficient customization.

Our services include:

  • Conversion of traditional training materials to WBTs
  • Repurposing of trainings created in older versions of authoring tools
  • Migration of existing learning resources (legacy assets) to formats compatible with the desired learning environment
  • Collection, segregation, restructuring, and remodeling of eLearning material in different formats
  • Making existing eLearning compliant with SCORM, AICC, and accessibility guidelines
  • Leveraging existing content and rebuilding using XML-based file structure

Key benefits of our content re-purposing service are:

  • Unlock intellectual capital and optimize ROI
  • Extend the reach and effectiveness of learning resources
  • Re-purpose existing content/training to fit other platforms, devices, and audiences
  • Migrate existing learning resources (legacy assets) to formats compatible with the desired learning environment
  • Future-proof past investments in learning and training functions for improved returns
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