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Why Migration

Enterprises today function in multi-location, multi-user environments that encompass multiple technologies and platforms. While being enormously beneficial to the enterprises in their quest to ensure higher quality at affordable prices and lower risks, this also translates into a newer set of challenges.

  • This dynamic environment consists of disparate systems. Hence, one size just doesn't fit all!
  • Given this dynamism and consequent customizations ,maintainability of applications in such an environment is often a nightmare!
  • Software, especially Operating Systems, are constantly getting better and better, while the hardware vendors are catching up to keep pace with the software and ensure better compatibility.
  • Faced by a market of financial fragility and increasing client demands, IT departments desire to use newer and better systems, while keeping the procurement and operational cost at a minimum.
  • Many software product and service providers such as Microsoft stop supporting lower versions after a pre-scheduled deadline, which leaves users of these products who haven't migrated to newer versions, in the lurch!

Why SoftPro

  • Time is money! So, SoftPro strives to ensure timely and efficient execution of projects, however challenging, every single time!
  • SoftPro boosts of a superior project methodology, which when balanced with clients needs, ensure better results.
  • SoftPro brings with it an exceptional clarity in understanding the client's business needs. So, more effort is invested in where it is really required - developing the solution!
  • Quality speaks the loudest! Hence, SoftPro leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that the solution is of top-notch quality - bug-free and of superior cadre!
  • "Passion at work" is SoftPro's Mantra to ensure absolute client satisfaction! The client and their needs precede all else when it comes to servicing.
  • SoftPro understands the client's ultimatum to work under extremely challenging financial conditions. Hence, a priority is to ensure that solutions are accommodated within the client's budget, without compromising on the quality of the deliverables!

Migration Services

    • VB to .NET (VB.NET / C#)
    • VB to WEB VB to WEB
    • SP to ASP.NET ASP to ASP.NET
    • Client Server to WEB Client Server to WEB
    • Desktop Application Migration Desktop Application Migration

    For more information please write to us

  • Proven methodology
    • Reduces risk, cuts cost and increases ROI

  • Better Language support
    • .NET is platform independent and supports 25 .NET languages such as C#, VB.NET, and JavaScript. .NET

  • Event Driven Programming
    • .NET is an object-oriented approach that supports event driven programming unlike ASP

  • Improved Scalability
    • .NET overcomes the bottlenecks created by ASP sessions, which used to work well only on the server where they were created

  • Improved Performance
    • Uses caching in code with automatic content expiration. This feature automatically expires and refreshes data from the cache

  • Easier Maintenance
    • Developers with relevant expertise in front end and back end programming can easily maintain code as compared to ASP

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